"Terence is the kind of player that makes you a better player. Starting with genuine, positive and creative spirit, Terence made me feel like my work as an artist meant a great deal to him as well, from rehearsal to the studio and beyond. Playing in that kind of environment that Terence helped create was not only wonderfully productive for the session, but joyful as a musician.

While paying with Terence during the recording, I felt that my piano performance was able to focus more on dynamics, tone and feel, even in technically difficult moments. It became clear working with Terence is the only drummer I have worked with that has ever asked me what the song is about; what the lyrics are. Proof that Terence's playing is beyond technical, it is spiritual.

Terence's versatility and ability to execute different grooves made a big difference on my record which covered everything from second-line street beat to indie-pop grooves. I enjoy every opportunity I have had to play with Terence, he is a true joy to make music and spend time with."

Travers Geoffray

Recording Artist / Performer / Writer

"I love working with Terence Clark in the studio!  It goes without saying that “Tee” has all the things you’d expect in a solid studio drummer… Great pocket, feel, musical intuition, wide stylistic palette and a commitment to excellence in his craft.

Though what I feel makes Terence really unique is his musical, spiritual sensitivity and his discernment to play what’s appropriate for the given song. Throw in his high level of enthusiasm and creative production ideas and it’s easy to see why he’s my first call when I need a creative drummer. Two thumbs up!"

—Kerry Kernan

 Producer / Engineer / Owner of Carried Away Music

"Terence Clark is a gifted musician and innovative producer. He hones his craft through an attentive examination of various music forms and artistic expressions. He has the ability to blend different musical styles and retain their classical influence yet infuse them with a personal contemporary spiritual inspiration."

— Marc Clark

CEO of Dominion Leadership Assn. & Love Alive / Music Director / Producer

"Representing Christ, the Artist, and the family! A drummer/producer who understands the importance of communication on and off the stage to enhance the music and life through example. These qualities describe Terence Clark. Nuff said. Check him out by developing a relationship through music."

— The late Marvin McQuitty

Drummer / Musician / Producer

"Terence Clark, what would be the truth, give a clear picture of my feeling in working with him and also not be a book. Here goes: He's inventive, pocket oriented, solid as a rock, knows where the groove compliments are for hits and someone I love making records with because he's the one, next to Steve Jordan that represents the second coming of Stax's Al Jackson Jr."


Producer / Songwriter / Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee

"If there were a picture in the dictionary next to the word "excellence", it would be of the young talent that we all call "T", short for Terence Clark. Being in the music business I have met, learned from, and worked with so many great musicians, artists and producers, but very rarely do I get the privilege and honor to work with people with the talent of a great musician, the drive and focus of a great artist, and the eagle eyed ability to see the finished product of a great producer. With "T" you get all of that and more!! His humbleness, musicianship, and unsurpassable work ethic are taking Terence at lightning speeds to the "who's who" of young producers."

Chris Carter

Co-Founder of The Undertone Collective / Songwriter / Producer / Studio Engineer

"Working with T Clark was a breeze! I was so impressed with how prepared he was. He treated my session like I was a recording legend..He was probably too prepared..But what I loved the most was that he really cared, Not just about the song as a whole, but every single element of my songs..With that type of work ethic and music integrity he will always be my #1 choice when i hit the studio."

— Antonio Neal

Grammy Nominated / Recording Artist / Dove Award Winning Songwriter / Producer

"There are a few musicians that bring as high a level of consistent excellence to the table as Terence Clark. Every performance with Terence is a thrill because I know he is going to push us to be great. He never settles for second best. I have never seen him show up to a gig unprepared. He understands the deep nuances of a wide array of styles and brings that to bear every time he shows up to play. His groove is solid as a rock and he elevates the feel of everyone around him. The joy he brings to the stage is infectious. There is no stage on this planet too large for this guy. Terence is one of the true beast walking this planet and I am lucky to know him.

John arndt

Composer / Recording Artist / Pianist / Songwriter

"Terence is one of the only drummers I know that knows how to rock, vibe, swing, get funky, play a blazing solo, then relax into a minimalistic thing all in the same freaking set if he needs to. He’s not just a drummer - he’s actually musical - which is why he’s one of my favorite people on the planet to play with. Great work ethic, fun hang and a man with fine taste in shoes. Terence Clark, ladies and gentlemen, is the man."

Michael Gungor

Grammy Nominated Recording Artist / Producer / Songwriter / Author

"Every musicians personality in some way or another comes out in their playing style. That's one of the things that makes my brother T.Clarks playing style so unique. He has a personality full of layers. Each layer introduces something new and amazing. The same can be said about his playing style, and how communicates through his instrument of choice. He's very articulate with his words and just as well versed with his drumsticks."

— Eric Ramey

Producer / Recording Artist / Bassist

"I've heard it said that a musicians playing is merely an extension of his personality and character. Terence Clark is the purest example of that sentiment that I've ever met. He listens to the artists, looks deeply into their vision, and cares for their music. Outside of the music, he listens to people, looks into their interests and cares for them. Very quickly, he's become my first and sometimes only call both for music and for life."

— Mike Hicks

Recording Artist / Writer / Producer / Organist for Rascal Flatts

"Terence has always been a leader in the hostile environments we've performed in lol An immediate point man for creativity and structure, taking the music from the pages to the stage. I can always count on his ability to translate that special place between what the song is and what the listener needs. I assume this is why he's a great producer; knowing that space between what the artist brings and what the consumer wants. Skill, professionalism, etc., you name it "T" makes it happen."

— leon Timbo

Recording Artist / Songwriter / Composer

"Here's a young man that has musical knowledge beyond his years. It is one thing to know how and another to know when and as a percussionist Terence has been blessed with both gifts."

— Darnell Harris

Recording Artist / Songwriter

"Terence's gift of being versatile is phenomenal! He's a drummer / producer who's servant heart is heard and felt through the pulse he keeps and the flow he creates. From the minute Terence hears a song, he sees the whole picture and works diligently to make it reach the hearts of man and the heart of God! This guy is a true 'Music Maker'!"

— Jon Reddick

CEO of Free World Music / Producer / Songwriter

"Terence Clark has that Memphis flare and soul that brings the intangibles to rhythm. Albeit brief, our shows we shared with him; on stage were exciting, memorable and fun - everything you'd hope live music and performance would be."

Joel Smallbone

Lead singer for 4 King & Country / Actor / Writer

Terence is a master drummer and a transcendent musicianbecause he is such a rare talent at so many styles. Terence has the deepest pocket and amazing touch. He is incredibly creative in the studio and I can't think of a better live drummer. Terence plays with the same empathy and love that he displays in his life. I am so grateful to play music with him and know him as friend.

— David Gungor

Recording Artist / Songwriter / Composer / Producer / Bassist

Terence is unlike anyone I've ever met. He's an incredible musician, producer, curator of art, above all, he's engulfed in so much talent and drive to make this world a more connected place.

Working with him as an illustrator, I enjoy having him as an art director and collaborator on projects. The process in which we've worked together is very organic, and down to earth. I found it at times, a lot more comfortable and less procedural than when I work with other clients.

He displays a clear vision for executing projects and with that, he allows me the freedom to do my own work, rather than emulating. I am incredibly thankful for his collaboration and I always look forward to his phone calls; knowing there could be another chance of us working together again.

— Liana Kangas

Comic Artist / Art Designer

"Terence is one of the most musical and inventive drummers I've ever heard, let alone played with."

david ryan Harris

Recording Artist / Songwriter / Producer

"Terence Clark is the complete musician. His intuitive approach to drumming and sound design is simultaneously innovative and iconic. Classic and forward thinking. Powerful and delicate. Tasteful and bold.

Terence paints a picture like nothing I've ever seen. There is no doubt in my mind that, years from now history will show Terence Clark carving out a unique space for himself in the pantheon of legendary Memphis musicians."

—Alex kramer

Recording Artist / Guitarist / Producer / Songwriter

"Oscillating between quiet discernment and feverish execution, Terence Clark approaches percussion differently than any drummer I've ever met. He has an ability to tap into the flesh and bones of a song with a reverence and intention that's almost spiritual. So grateful to have had him on my new single 'The Way I Do'."


Recording Artist / Songwriter

"It’s not too often that you find a musician who’s character is as equally amazing as His Playing!!! Terence Clark is a true musician who enhances the stage not just the band!!! And I'm proud to call him my BROTHER!!!"

— Leonard "Pudge" Tribbett

Drummer / Musician / Producer

"Terence Clark is Great musician. He came in last minute for me on a project, and was very professional, versatile and musical. I really look forward to seeing him rise up thru the ranks of great musicians, not only out of Memphis, but out of this country. It was refreshing to see a young musician with so much discipline."

— Donald Hayes

Producer / Composer / Saxophonist / Songwriter

"Terence Clark is that rare drummer who is equal part timepiece and motivator. As a bass player you always hope to be pushed by the drummer instead of the other way 'round. TC pushes and then some. He puts heart and muscle into both the studio and the stage... and he mixes a tad bit of science in there too for just the right soup. He's one of the cats these days I really dig playin’ with. I like knowing when they gon' keep it solid. TC is solid. You don't even have to think about it."

— Tommy Sims

Recording Artist / Producer / Bassist / Songwriter / Grammy Award Winner

"It amazes me how every time I work with Terence just how much more diverse of a creative he becomes. He is dedicated to serving the song and the client. He provides what is needed to bring a song to life with charming finesse. He not only has a producers ear for the perfect sounds, he also has the skills to execute his ideas. As a recording engineer and producer, I can not speak more highly of Terence. His attention to detail and transitions in a song shows how much he cares and believes in what he is involved in. I know that if he's in on a project, that project will be much better than if he was not involved. Love this dude!!"

John Dollahite

Producer / Studio Engineer / Owner of NEWRECORDING

"Terence Clark is one of those rare drummers that combine: technique and feel, power and finesse, chops and grove, performance and tone. He takes the time to understand the music and lets it into his soul before the recording process, then steps into an art zone while recording, confident and inventive at all times. He does not limit himself to any one approach, yet he can deliver anything asked of him. He is someone who can understand what I am looking for, yet always come up with something I have not thought of. All that, combined with an extensive arsenal of drums and cymbals, make him a go to session and live drummer of choice for me, as well as many other producers and artists."

Niko Lyras

Recording Engineer / Producer / Owner of Cotton Row Studio

"Terence Clark, first of all, is just a wonderful person. His heart is pure, and he has a great passion for music. His skill as a drummer is limitless. Terence played drums for me at a very important CD release concert. He mastered every style of music that I did from hip hop, rock, funk, soul and R&B. He ripped it! I would recommend any artist or producer to consider Terence Clark for any of their drum needs!"

Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers

"Terence Clark is poised to lead the pack of young, relevant musicians and producers in the coming generation. His business acumen is matched only by his musical excellence and dedication to his craft. I am eager for the world to experience and be enriched by the gifts God has given him."

— EJ Gaines

Senior Editor of GospelPundit.com

"I've been working with Terence and his team since 2009 and am so happy we crossed paths! Terence has been instrumental in my career as an artist in many ways. His exposure to and love for a myriad of music genres give him a diverse set of skills and ability to execute the vision of artists and bands form various backgrounds. Terence works well with both emerging and established artists and his background as a musician and producer are an asset to his clientele. Through our business partnership, I am proud to say that Terence has become a genuine friend and brother and I look forward to seeing where his talents take him."


Recording Artist / Songwriter

"My secret weapon? Man... T. Clark. That's the dude. He's your guy! For everything. Don't tell anyone though."

— Casey Wasner

Recording Artist / Songwriter / Grammy Nominated Engineer / Producer

"Terence is phenomenally gifted, tastefully creative, excellent in technical skill and knows his instrument very well. One of the things I love about working with Terence is that he takes his job very seriously. He’s a pleasure to work with and a servant heart."

B. Reith

Recording Artist / Songwriter / Producer

"I don't know anyone more creative professional and innovative than T. Clark. And on top of all this, he's just a flat out good hang!"


Recording Artist / Poet / Writer

"As an artist manager, my job is to find a team to support them and take them to the next level. Terence Clark has exceeded my expectations with his world class drum skills along with exemplary character, professionalism and musicianship. It is a great feeling to know my artist are excited about who they play with, while putting the pressure on me to find a way to keep a player like Terence with us on a permanent basis. There are a lot of good players in Nashville, but when you find one of the best you find out that good can be the enemy of Great. Honestly, I am so glad we are experiencing the best in this industry via Terence Clark."

Calvin Nowell

Founder of Nside Management / Artist / Songwriter

"There are many things I can say about Terence Clark. Aside from being one of the worlds best kept secrets out of a small number of elite people... Terence's ability to adapt, compliment, and enhance his environment, not only as a musician but also as person, goes far beyond the music. I'm honored to have had past pleasures of performing and ministering with Terence, and look forward to future endeavors. Most of all, I'm proud to call him my friend."

— The late Shea Norman

Recording Artist / Songwriter / Composer

"Terence is a brilliant, skillful, masterful drummer/producer and I always look forward to working with a true talent."

— Garry Goin

Guitarist / Artist / Producer

"Terence Clark is probably one of the best drummers in the country. He has played on a several of my recordings and was amazing. When he plays with me live his skills far exceed my expectations. His abilities and his spirit as a human being help me to become not only a better musician but a better man."


Recording Artist / Writer / Composer

"Terence Clark's musical sensitivity and creative force is a direct reflection of how he sees the world. I have had the privilege of getting to know the person behind the player:

A stubborn romantic, wide-eyed and taking it all in. He brings all sides of himself to each musical situation. Blending the depth and maturity of his groove and pocket with childlike innocence, he builds percussion soundscapes that marry the lyric. As a songwriter, I have yet to meet another musician who asks as many questions about the story behind the song.

In a live or studio setting, Terence is a pillar, creating a safe space for any artist to dive into expression while he takes care of the details. The only thing I've come to admire more than his musicality is his character and heart. Making music with him has endlessly challenged, inspired and spoiled me."

Nicole Boggs

Recording Artist / Writer / Songwriter

Early in our friendship, Terence took me to lunch. His entire intention was to look me in the eyes and say, “I don’t think anyone is telling you how great you are... so I’m going to.” Since that moment T has helped me see the best in myself over and over again.

We have worked together on so much more than music, each time making sure he lets me know if something is awesome.. or if I’m not living up to what he knows I’m capable of.

Terence is easily the best drummer I have ever known; but he also one of the best friends I could have hoped for. He has a way of feeling the rhythm of life around him. That being so, it only makes it more special that my family is part of that rhythm. He is my producer, my drummer, my brother, my kid’s Uncle T. He is of the highest quality of musicians, and the highest quality of people.

— Caleb Sigler

Designer / Singer-Songwriter / Lux Creative / Idle&Wild

Mr. T. Clark is another level of fresh. His genuine spirit, quiet confidence and absolute foolishness were a perfect pairing for the constant anxiety that accompanies me while recording. 

His musical agility is baffling and helps you appreciate that he is far beyond “a drummer”. Once you understand this, his box of tricks is better understood and experienced. 

I truly adored working with Terence. He was a picture-book manifestation of what my project needed. His willing spirit of  experimentation really elevated the experience for all involved. Working with him was truly an unexpected gift in many ways.

— Jamila Sivera

Recording Artist / Illustrator / Writer

"Terence is the ultimate musician who encompasses passion, professionalism, skill, talent, and a strong music theory base. His musical sensitivity and diversity, as it relates to styles and genres, is unparalleled. I can attest that Terence's musicianship and maturity level is far superior to that of others his age and experience. He is full of depth, musicality, and creativity. Terence is a must have for your musical endeavor."

— Roderick Vester

Owner & Founder of Fully Vested Music / Producer / Pianist

"Terence is not just a drummer. He is a perceptive percussionist, both on stage and in the studio. He listens. He's patient. He doesn't exaggerate or exhaust anything that doesn't sonically need it.

His producer mindset pairs well in the studio and in live settings. Terence gives great suggestions that make it onto the record and change a project for the better. He's a solid musician, consultant and human."

Brennan Villines

Recording Artist / Songwriter / Composer

"Terence is more than a drummer. On stage, more than a musician. He approaches each song with the soundscape of the entire show in mind. Building and laying back with amazing placement. He's a f*cking groove master!"

— Jessy Wilson

Muddy Magnolias Recording Artist / Songwriter

"Terence is an exceptional drummer and overall musician. Whether in the studio or onstage, he approaches each song with sensitivity and lyricism while still providing a high energy performance. Terence brings creative ideas to the table that support and communicate an artist's overall vision."

— Kallie North

Photographer / Manager / Songwriter